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Don’t bring these to Bali

There’s nothing worse than arriving in a country and realizing you can’t wear the clothes you packed, your products don't work, or you could have just bought it when you arrived for a quarter of the price. Don’t take up precious packing space with these 5 things that you either don’t need in Bali, or can buy for cheap on arrival.

1. Blow dryers, straighteners, or curlers

I have very curly hair, so I understand the desire to keep your hair looking good on holiday. However, Bali is very humid... if you’ve been to humid places before, you know your hair will pop back into its original state the moment you step outside. I suggest you save some time, energy, and packing room, and leave your blow dryers, straighteners, and curlers behind. I opt for hair product that keeps my hair shiny and healthy, and leave it at that. Embrace the wild!

2. An umbrella

Umbrellas are often large and cumbersome to pack, so if something needs to be left behind, let it be the umbrella! You will need one in Bali, but they’re available everywhere at a far cheaper price than you can find in Canada. I'm collecting a small stockpile of umbrellas to give out to my visitors for borrow when they're here so nothing goes to waste!

3. Balinese Currency

Cash is a must-have in Bali– however, changing your Canadian money for cash at home can be expensive. Pack Canadian cash (even better, American cash, which has a higher exchange rate) and use an ATM at the hotel to get enough money to tide you over until you can go to a money changer near your hotel. Most ATMs dispense the equivalent of $150 Canadian, with a few that will dispense $300, and this can go a long way in Bali.

4. Shampoo, conditioner, and other liquid products

If you’re particular about your products, this might not work for you… however, I find that packing a lot of liquid is both heavy and space-consuming when travelling. You can purchase everything you need in Bali for two weeks of travel for a cheap price, and they have a lot of options to choose from. To save some space and weight, I suggest leaving those big bottles at home!

5. A sarong

I highly recommend having a sarong in Bali (they’re breezy, beautiful, and often required to get into temples!), however, wait until you arrive in Bali to buy one. They are sold everywhere in every colour and pattern you would ever want, and are cheap!

Do you have any light packing tips to share?

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