A Group Travel Experience for Introverts

When it comes to seeing a new place, nothing sounds worse to me than being part of a giant group, shuttled from place to place, stopping for just enough time to raise my camera above everyone’s head, take a quick photo, and hop back on the bus.

When I travel, I like to move at my own pace. Sometimes I want to linger, take it all in, explore, relax, eat fresh local food and people watch before moving on to somewhere new. I want to drink my morning coffee on a balcony before starting my day, breathe in new smells, fill my soul with sights and sounds, and experience the strange sensation of being surrounded by a language I don’t understand.

Sometimes this picture includes people, and sometimes it doesn’t. Being an introvert does not mean rejecting people… for me, it just means I need space and downtime to replenish my energy. Most of the time I love being around people, although big groups overwhelm me. I make friends quickly and easily. I love to talk, laugh, and share my travel moments with others.

There don’t seem to be a lot of travel group options for people like me: single, introverted, and looking for an adventure! This is why I created Discover Your Bali in the first place. I want to create a magical space for women to meet, travel together, and have the option to spend time on their own, if they wish.

It was for a selfish reason too… I want to share Bali with intimate groups, but I also want to experience Bali over and over again this way!

How have I made this introverted group experience happen? I’ve capped my groups at 10 women for a starter, so you get to know the people you’re with. I’ve planned every day of this guided experience, but I’ve left a lot of room for roaming, downtime, spa appointments, book-reading by the pool, and side adventures, depending on what you’re looking for.

For slow travellers like me, you’ll love the schedule. We linger in three main places in Bali, where we take day trips and explore the surrounding areas, rather than travelling to a new destination every day. This way, we spend less time packing up, driving, and unpacking, and more time taking it all in and experiencing the beautiful Balinese culture.

I’m so excited to offer an experience like this! Bali is the perfect place to explore this way, because everything naturally moves a little slower. Immerse yourself in the laid-back Balinese way of living, slow down your internal clock, and take a breather from your regular life.

To learn more about upcoming experiences, download the free itinerary, which includes all the important information. Please reach out with any questions you have using the form on the bottom of my homepage :) I can’t wait to hear from you and show you this beautiful place I’ve come to call my second home.

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