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Denise B.

The Discover Bali tour with Anne was an absolute joyful experience! So many unique and diverse experiences including temple visits, cultural performances, cooking class, local markets, snorkeling, rice paddy walks, monkey forest and so much more. All with the helpful and enthusiastic guidance of Anne and Wayan, the local driver as well as local guides at some of the sites. The Balinese are so welcoming and getting to know their customs and way of living was such a rewarding experience.  A must-do tour!

~ Denise B.


I found Anne to be very personalized with her tours. She didn’t treat it like a job and vacate us at the end of the excursions like other tours do. She accompanied us with dinners, shopping, spa treatments, ATM trips, and made the appropriate appointments or trips when necessary. She was accommodating to us on the tours and ensured we were having an enjoyable experience and a lovely time. She was always inquiring about our feedback. She did not enforce a regimented schedule but catered to Bali time. She was well organized and planned thoroughly the events. I would definitely recommend Anne to others that are looking to experience Bali and don’t want to do it alone.

~ Rachel B.

Rachel B. Testimonial
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What struck me right away about Anne was her story of how she had fallen in love with Balinese culture and people. I have lived internationally for 12+ years and have been to Bali seven or eight times, falling in love with the place and people the same way! I wanted to see it again but I was scared to travel as a single person after my divorce. I had travelled around Southeast Asia extensively in the past but was uncomfortable even going back to places I’d been before. I knew it was a bit of a risk, finding an experience like this on the internet, but the moment I met Anne on a video call I felt an immediate connection. It was a no-brainer.

Discover Your Bali is 100% quality for investment. The places we stayed were stunning and the experiences we had were beyond words. Anne showed us the real Bali, and brought us to places I had never seen before during my other visits. When I travelled there before, I only saw the tourist side of Bali without realizing it. Having Wayan and the other local guides with us provided cultural and historical depth to everything we did. I met people I never would have otherwise. I recommend this to any woman travelling alone. It is well worth the money, not to mention the wonderful company. I would go back in a heartbeat.

~ Sandy


Anne supported the development of my first week-long writing retreat in Bali. I'm so satisfied with the experience, I've booked another retreat for November 29 - Dec 5 2020 and she's helping me even more!

~ Marie Maccagno

Image by Dominik Vanyi

Anne has spent many winter seasons in Bali and has a unique understanding of the Balinese culture, the spiritual nature of Balinese Hinduism and the nature of these beautiful people. She will take you many places through jungle, terraces and temple stops, everywhere you will see the dedication of the Balinese towards their art, traditions and religion. Bali is referred as The Island of the Gods, which you'll understand as you explore a few of the hundreds of temples.

I have returned to Bali twice and the island has taught me to be grateful for every passing moment. Don't just hope, plan and do, hope is only for things beyond our control! Take a chance and just do it! 

~ Sharon M.

Sharon M.
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