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A travel experience for the solo woman who doesn’t want to travel alone.

Welcome to Discover Your Bali, a group experience that doesn’t require a companion or travel experience– only a taste for adventure and a desire to reconnect with yourself.

Not Solo?

Discover Your Bali experiences include 14 nights of adventure & relaxation. I cap each group at 10 women to keep it fun and intimate. This is a safe & stress-free way to experience Bali as a solo woman traveller, not to mention luxurious; you get your own private room throughout the trip and a lot of flexibility in your schedule.

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I’ve designed this experience for you. We move as a group, but I’m here to support your desires and ensure you get the experience you’re seeking. If you’re leaning towards adventure, this might mean a sunrise volcano trek, a snorkelling expedition, a bike tour through the rice paddies, white water rafting, or a botany walk. 

If you want to take classes, you can learn local wood carving, take a Balinese cooking class, make jewelry, or learn traditional dancing. Steep yourself in this beautiful culture.

If you’re looking for more spiritual and relaxing pastimes, you can explore sound healing, crystal workshops, yoga, massage, and natural skincare workshops. Or you can simply spend an afternoon by the pool with a good book. Mix and match! Nothing in Bali happens fast, and we move with the rhythm of the island. The possibilities are endless.

I first visited Bali over a decade ago, and it was also the first time I had left North America. The vibrant, healing energy of this place, the wonderful people, and the natural beauty captured me forever and I returned here over and over again over the years. These days, I live here for a good portion of the year. I want to share all of it with you. Contact me for more information and to save your spot in one of my upcoming experiences.

✓ We visit popular & breathtaking cultural sites, and then go off the beaten path to stay in lesser-visited towns that boast amazing food & hidden gems

✓ Our group is small! Make new friends with like-minded ladies. I’m there with you every step of the way to make sure you’re getting what you seek from your experience

✓ I’ve created a balance between travel and relaxation. We have a couple of big days driving along Bali’s winding roads, and then we stay put for a few nights in one place to get comfortable in our accommodations, soak up the local beauty, and unwind

✓ I work with local guides and businesses. Their knowledge of this island and its customs is unparalleled. I still learn new things from them every day!

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Discover Your Bali

What People Are Saying...

Rachel B.

I found Anne to be very personalized with her tours. I would definitely recommend Anne to others that are looking to experience Bali and don’t want to do it alone.....
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